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Overview real canadian superstore flyer ontario
Logo used until 2005
Logo previously used in advertising in Ontario; generic type for both Loblaw and Supers Supers Real Canadian
The stores offer a variety of products, but the vast majority of space dedicated to food and about a third of each business is canceled for electronics, housewares and clothing. Articles in the last two categories are essentially Loblaw own brands such as President's Choice, life at home, or Joe Fresh. As with many Loblaw stores, they offer brand enterprise services as PhotoLab pharmacy photofinishing and pharmacies. Many stores also have GoodLife Fitness Club, Drive-in pharmacies, gas stations, photo studios, common areas, and a walk-in medical clinics managed by Primacy Medical.

Loblaws is working to reduce costs and save effectively with this multi-format competition. Each store has a similar provision, useful both for cost and ease buyer. In addition, in an effort to meet every customer segments meet, Supers buys specific products for different regions. Great locations to date (220,000 ft ²) 20,000 square meters.