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Working in the province of Quebec and Ontario Metro Store Canadian food retailers. Montreal, Quebec-based. Metro Canada the third largest retailer, Loblaw Companies Limited and Sobeys.
Ontario and Quebec are 365 places with the same name. superstore Super C discount supermarket division, Quebec, 72 shops on average more than 4000 m2 (43056 square feet). Metro stores this year will contribute C $ 1 billion in annual sales. Ontario, Metro supermarkets and Food Basics discount Super C stores, such as 119, which is under the flag. Quebec's largest Metro Plus stores operate under the name Metro. Metro and Marche Richelieu 142 operate under the flag of a small grocery.
In November 2007, Metro 2011 fiscal year, September 29, 2007 compared to $ 253 million in 2007 increased by 9.3% as reported full year 2006 profit of $ 2766 million [3] Metro Marche Adonis, a Mediterranean diet (Marche Adonis Quebec's largest ethnic food the majority of food retailers (55.5%) (CAD $ 153,8 million), acquired in 2011, sales of CAD $ 73 million)..