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"Fortino adventure" concept store
Launched in 1996 in Burlington, Re: creating ideas require streetscape EU. Small shops in front of the store, a large open market fresh produce and delicatessen open space. Butcher Block Deli cut special command allows the client.

Please note that visitors from Fortino is provided by the business. Confirm price and availability before purchase. Fortino flyer September 2, 2016 and January 8 Sep 2016.
Fortino Ontario supermarket chain's Canadian operating 53 stores in 2012 as part of Loblaw Companies Limited.

In 1961, Italian immigration Steelworkers John Fortino in Hamilton, Ontario opened its first Fortino. In 1972, John has seven partners and opening the second on Mount Hamilton. Due to the successful growth of their stores in Hamilton, Burlington and was opened in Brampton. In 1988, the company Loblaw Limited Fortino then became part of the 1990s, Fortino focus on Greater Toronto Area, Toronto, opening stores in Woodbridge and Toronto. GTA only two stores in Toronto Brampton, Burlington, Oakville and Woodbridge place to live. Age of John Fortino 76 17 May 2011 died of cancer in 2012, a monument to the founder of the store flagship Hamilton Mall road was built.